Mali : Give thanks message from Comrade Oumar MARIKO

It´s usually said that, in difficulties, we reconnize people with great conviction when it´s comes to high level of political issues taking place everywhere.

In fact, all these intoxicating campains and diffamation in the malian press have been made.

The same press went even far, informing us about the exact time and manner that I will be arrested.

This reveals the link between the malian information services (SE), malian press and Sir Dioncounda Traore.

We all know that their aim was not good, but you show them that people are aware and our vigilance is not alterated.

Thanks to your various support, from: Mali and beyond: Africa, Europe, America, Asia, I feel, invigorated with more faith in the future.

Nothing else to say but great thanks to all activists all over the world.

The struggle continues and victory is certain.

Comrade Oumar MARIKO


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